Providing your cells with all 78 bioavailable ionic minerals & trace elements and the correct delivery of ultra-pure Essential Fatty Acids, to aid cell function.

Protect your body, increase cell function and build a stronger immune system

  • Onebox (30 x ampoules) of Hypertonic marine plasma
  • One bottle (150ml) of 100% plant-based, ultra-pure Essential Fatty Acids + Vitamin E.
  • One box (30 x ampoules) of Isotonic marine plasma


Cellular Intelligence™ Collection


  • Contributes to stronger immunity, helping to defend you against illness and infection*
  • Immediately revitalises your cells, combating fatigue and aiding alertness+
  • Supports cell membranes and optimises cellular hydration.
  • Aids digestion and gently remineralises your body at night
  • Regulating all 100 Trillion cells enhances cell communication, nutrient absorption and cell resilience- giving them the ability to deal constructively with what they encounter.

How to take

Take one ampoule of Hypertonic marine plasma in the morning.
Take one dose of Essential Fatty Acids daily.
Take one ampoule of Isotonic marine plasma in the evening.

†As it contains chloride this gentle solution helps contribute to the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, supporting digestive health.

+Magnesium 70mg/60ml =18%NRV

* According to results obtained in a study carried out by the Biotechnology department of the university of Alicante. Cellnutrition Isotonic has a potential modulating effect on the main immunological biomarkers.