Cellnutrition Isotonic supports your immune system and digestive health – and is appropriate for all ages and stages of life, from newborn to elderly, pregnant or nursing mothers, and those with underlying health issues.

40.00 or 36.00 / month

Cellnutrition Isotonic Ampoules

Support your immune system and rebalance your body with a daily dose of the purest form of 78 bioavailable ionic minerals and trace elements on earth; this therapeutic solution contributes to deep, foundational hydration, better digestion, and increased immunity at a cellular level.

This gentle solution mirrors the body’s internal terrain, meaning all 78 ionic minerals and trace elements are slowly absorbed by your cells and contributes to:

  • Digestive health†
  • Stronger immunity, helping to defend you against illness and infection*

Packaged in unique, recyclable glass ampoules to protect the integrity of elements in Cellnutrition Isotonic.

Isotonic is suitable for all ages, from new-borns to the elderly including those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or with underlying health conditions.

This therapeutic solution is made of 71% spring water and 29% mineral-rich formula.

†As it contains chloride this gentle solution helps contribute to the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, supporting digestive health.
*According to results obtained in a study carried out by the Biotechnology department of the University of Alicante. Cellnutrition Isotonic has a potential modulating effect on the main immunological biomarkers.