Cellnutrition Hypertonic aids in reducing fatigue, rebalancing the ionic minerals in your body, increasing mental focus, and deepening cellular nourishment.

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Cellnutrition Hypertonic Ampoules

Fight fatigue, refocus your mind and rebalance your body with a daily dose of the purest form of 78 bioavailable ionic minerals and trace elements on earth; this unique, pure and natural formula contributes to improved cellular nutrition.

This high concentrated solution allows direct and quick absorption of all 78 ionic minerals and trace elements by your cells and contributes to:

  • The reduction of tiredness and fatigue*
  • Electrolyte balance*
  • Normal energy-yielding metabolism*
  • Normal functioning of the nervous system*
  • Normal muscle function*
  • Normal protein synthesis*
  • Normal psychological function*
  • Maintenance of normal bones and teeth*
  • The process of cell division*

Packaged in unique, recyclable glass ampoules to protect the integrity of elements in Cellnutrition Hypertonic.

Cellnutrition Hypertonic can be beneficial if you are prone to fatigue, have a busy or stressful lifestyle. It helps you feel and be your best from the inside out.

*Magnesium 70mg/60ml =18%NRV