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Cellnutrition provides the solution your clients are seeking through enhancing the effect their current nutritional regime is having. By getting more from each nutrient you prescribe for maximally functioning body.

Our 100% pure, natural and innovative health products are designed to enhance and work synergistically alongside existing healthcare regimes. These solutions act as precursors to any health regime administered to a client to retain and build fit and intelligent cells, which work harmoniously to amplify the benefits of Nutritional and Naturopathic treatment.

We believe that your clients can get more from their prescribed meal by creating a stronger foundation with Cellnutrition.

Ongoing knowledge

Cellnutrition comprises a global team of experts and specialists in the fields of cellular medicine, fitness, and nutrition. These include doctors, health practitioners, nutritionists, and scientists from Europe, America, the Middle East and Far East.

Our mission remains to create healthier and fitter people. We are driven by research and innovation across numerous fields from sustainability to sustenance. We pride ourselves on remaining at the forefront of developments in natural health in this way.

Cellnutritionists will benefit from our willingness to forge strong and mutually beneficial relationships. Access to any of our latest research and findings will put you ahead of the game in the nutritional field.

In the spirit of association, Cellnutrition will furthermore provide access to its network such as nutritionists, confidentially, to ensure your personal success and the ongoing health of your client.  

Financial Benefits

Recommend a Cellular Intelligence solution by Cellnutrition to your customers and clients.

  • Direct them to the Cellnutrition website and ask them to use your unique code when making a purchase on checkout.
  • You will earn a 10% referral fee on the sale of every order by a customer on an ongoing basis, whether they buy now or again later.
  • There are no ceilings to sales referrals. Quite the opposite. Top referrers will receive incentivised sales support such as podcasts, webinars, access to our nutritionists and even in- practice activations to stimulate footfall.

Marketing Benefits

  • We will publish and host a 500-word approved article from yourself, this should include your contact details and links back to your own website. This article will be widely promoted via our social media channels.
  • You will automatically be listed in the Cellnutritionist Directory.
  • We will feature your products and services alongside our own via display rotational advertising on our website linking back to your website. Subject to approval.
  • Additional support will be provided for online activations and the provision of marketing collateral. Subject to approval.
  • Approved Cellnutritionists will also be invited onto our new internet TV and Radio broadcasts, for additional exposure to showcase your offerings to wider audiences.

Ongoing Training

  • We will provide ongoing training and access to any of the latest research on cellular intelligence and fitness.
  • We will assist in providing foundations to ensure that your health protocols work more effectively to the benefit of the client.
  • We will provide one-one-one access to our nutritionists as sounding boards, to provide more detail or to explore any concerns and to answer and questions.

Exclusive Offers

  • As a valued partner, you will be the first to trial, review and receive new Cellnutrition elements and Cellular Intelligence solutions from our global scientific teams. Subject to approval.
  • You will be the first to provide your clients with exclusive Cellnutrition offers.
  • At your request, we can provide exclusive content for the use on your own website detailing the benefits of cellular wellness and indeed Cellular Intelligence.
  • You will receive a digital Approved Cellnutritionist badge to display on your own website which link back to your profile on our website for authenticity.

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